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Working Papers

  • Graph representation of immune repertoire
    Yongju Lee , Hyunho Lee, Kyoungseob Shin, Sunghoon Kwon

    None Read more

  • Journal Publications

  • [Nature Biomedical Engineering] Derivation of prognostic contextual histopathological features from whole-slide images of tumours via graph deep learning
    Yongju Lee , Jeong Hwan Park , Sohee Oh , Kyoungseob Shin , Jiyu Sun, Minsun Jung, Cheol Lee, Hyojin Kim, Jin-Haeng Chung, Kyung Chul Moon, Sunghoon Kwon

    Graph deep learning can leverage information in the tumour microenvironment to extract prognostic histopathological features from gigapixel whole-slide images. Read more

  • [Nature Communications] Spatial epitranscriptomics reveals A-to-I editome specific to cancer stem cell microniches
    Amos C. Lee, Yongju Lee , Ahyoun Choi, Han-Byoel Lee, Kyoungseob Shin, Hyunho Lee, Ji Young Kim, Han Suk Ryu, Hoe Suk Kim, Seung Yeon Ryu, Sangeun Lee, Jong-Ho Cheun, Duck Kyun Yoo, Sumin Lee, Hansol Choi, Taehoon Ryu, Huiran Yeom, Namphil Kim, Jinsung Noh, Yonghee Lee, Inyoung Kim, Sangwook Bae, Jinhyun Kim, Wooseok Lee, Okju Kim, Yushin Jung, Changhoe Kim, Seo Woo Song, Yeongjae Choi, Junho Chung, Byung Gee Kim, Wonshik Han, Sunghoon Kwon

    We introduce spatial-histopathological examination-linked epitranscriptomics converged to transcriptomics with sequencing (Select-seq), which isolates regions of interest from immunofluorescence-stained tissue and obtains transcriptomic and epitranscriptomic data Read more

  • [Lab on a chip] OPENchip: an on-chip in situ molecular profiling platform for gene expression analysis and oncogenic mutation detection in single circulating tumour cells
    A. C. Lee , J. Svedlund , E. Darai , Y.Lee , D.Lee, H.Lee, S.Kim, O.Kim, H.Bae, A. Choi, S. Lee, Y.jeong, S.W.Song, Y. Choi, H. Yeom, C. S. Lee, W. Han, D.S. Lee, J. Jang, N. Madaboosi, M. Nilsson, Sunghoon Kwon

    The development and demonstration of the OPENchip (On-chip Post-processing ENabling chip) platform for single CTC analysis by epithelial CTC enrichment and subsequent in situ molecular profiling is reported Read more

  • [APL Bioengineering] Divide and conquer: A perspective on biochips for single-cell and rare-molecule analysis by next-generation sequencing
    A. C. Lee , Y.Lee , D.Lee, Sunghoon Kwon

    Utilizing the advantages of miniaturizing reaction volumes of biological samples, biochip technologies have been applied to diverse fields, from single-cell analysis to liquid biopsy Read more